500lbs deadlift for REPS a blog by Ryan

On October 23rd, Omar Isuf put out a 500lbs deadlift challenge on his YouTube Channel.  It motivated me to participate, however at that time I had never Deadlifted 500lbs.  The closest I had come was with 485lbs sumo stance, and even with that I had a healthy amount of fear.

This was the exact kind of push I needed to go ahead and pull a 500lbs lift.  I felt strong and I knew I could do it, however that FIVE HUNDRED was causing a mental block.

So I said f*ck it. I’m going to go for it on Monday (Oct. 28th).  I hit my main milestone for the year and in fact, I ripped 2 reps of 505lbs.  The second rep was unexpected.  I felt like I could get it so I went for it.
ryan 500lbs deadlift

It gives me goose bumps just blogging about it.

I decided later that week I would give the 500lbs rep challenge a try.  It ends on November 15th.

Today is November 14th.

So here I am now, writing about doing deadlifts with 500lbs for multiple reps.  A personal challenge, an event for myself. Feeling nervous but excited at the same time.

I feel very confident I’ll get 4 reps, but I feel like I have a 70% chance of getting 7 reps.I’ll record everything I post a video to my YouTube Channel. This blog post is mainly for meditative purposes.