Why you should write


If there is one thing I love about writing so much it’s that it gives me a chance to think and express everything I want in the way I want.

As a kid, one of the most difficult things I had was expressing myself.  I didn’t know how to do it well. And I’m reminded about my 3 year old daughter crying because she didn’t get to push the elevator button.

Crying and getting angry – the expression of reactive emotion is necessary but its short term strategy that will eventually run out of effectiveness.  In so many ways, it’s like crying wolf.

As I grew up, I learned a lot of neat stuff. And because I was a magic playing computer nerd, I sometimes learned way too much.

In fact, all my knowledge bottlenecks showed up when I first became a Fitness Manager.  I was confident, I knew a lot, but in hindsight, I was terrible in expressing it.

The skill of communication is a valuable skill and in the business world today. How can we motivate our employees?  How can we motivate our kids?  How can we get people to do the things we want?

It’s like a mystery sometimes – but it’s actually a science.

It’s a science in the same way that being a quarterback is a science.  The science of how Michael Jordan shoots a basketball or how Wayne Gretzky hits a puck.

It’s complicated.  You may know how it works or how to do it, but “can’t.”

It’s always fascinating to me that one person can know more about technique and the game, but “can’t” do it.  It’s not good or bad, it’s just what is.

This is why I relate writing to playing a RPG video game like Final Fantasy 7.  Its style of game that’s turned based.  And to me, that’s what writing is.

It allows me to take a moment (my turn) to think something, write it, edit it and then post it.

“Real time” interaction of sports and personal communication require a different set of skills.  In truth, they require practice.

It’s a practice of a life time.  The more you hone your craft, the better you get.  You get a deeper understanding of what is inherently simple but complicated at the same time. (like the deadlift)

But why am I saying you should write?

Well, writing is a way to express yourself with more thought. It allows you to increase self-awareness. When you’re aware of something you can change it.

When you’re not aware, nothing is the matter.

Writing is a way to talk to yourself. So yes, journal entries are great, but blogging and write emails is a way to not just publicly write a journal entry for myself but also an opportunity to change someone.

To help you help yourself and see things differently.


That which you can only learn if you discover it yourself.