Pushing Past Tired

I’m tired right now and I want to sleep but, before I do, I want to make a video and provide another message about pushing past tired.

Why do we do it and should you even do it?

I’m pushing past tired because I know the act of creating makes a difference for me, but it also makes a difference for you. It’s very similar to doing the extra rep or extra set of squats. Even though we don’t want to do it, we understand the greater purpose, the next level, the next stage of strength, growth and personal development.

Yeah, of course it’s not that set or rep, but I know it’s the accumulation of past workouts that set up future progress. It’s the entire journey. It’s about pushing past tired.
Through making these videos and lifting weights, I’m in search of my personal legend. I don’t know exactly what it is, and I’ve yet to describe it, but I know I’ll find it under the barbell and in creating content. I can feel that it’s close; it’s somewhere in this direction.
The best of you expresses itself when you’re pushed. Just around the corner of pushing past tired is that ah-ha moment that leads to an adjustment in technique that drives your goals. The thought goes something like, “Oh ****, I know what I need to do now.” It takes a lot of sets and reps and many moments of being tired, but I live for these moments. To get to these moments it takes patience, it takes courage and most of all it takes grit.

A part of you has to be too stubborn to not quit.  To bite your tongue and grind it out.