Losing Body Fat Quickly for men, More thoughts for John

This is “side continuation” from the “The Fastest way to lower your Body Fat Percentage” article.

What is considered a low calorie intake?  


A low calorie intake is anything more than 20% reduction in maintenance calories.  John’s base level of calories burned is 1,916 calories per day. When we factor his physical activity and exercise, that’s roughly 2,874 calories per day. That means for John to maintain his weight he can theoretically eat 2,874 calories per day.

If you want to find out what yours is, you can visit this page how to calculate your daily maintenance calories per day page.

In this example, anything less than 2200 calories would be very low calories. One of the reasons why I would let him take a break from dieting is for multiple reasons.  When you take a break from dieting and have a cheat day or two, it allows for your body to get metabolic boost from “resetting.”

When you’re disciplined tracking your calories and are consistent with low calorie dieting for any prolonged period of time, your body’s metabolic rate will slow down significantly. This basically means your body tries to burn less calories than usual. The cheat day or Carb Nites helps in this counteracting the metabolic slow down.

One of the diets I promote for those that are willing to be super strict is the Carb Nite solution. Don’t think of it as a miracle solution, it’s just a systematic way to fit cheat days into a low carb diet plan.

The other reason for him to take a break from dieting is for mental reasons.  You can call it a reward or a deserved vacation from dieting, but it’s good to take a slight detour from dieting after weeks disciplined eating and a significant weight drop.  Remember, he just lost 30lbs in the past 11 weeks.

Advanced Fitness Tip

I have found that eliminating cardio completely to be an effective strategy for some people.  It’s a bit drastic, but it works well when you’re advanced.  By eliminating cardio completely for 7-14 days you condition your body which will lead to increased expenditure when you begin your cardio regimen again.  The extra time saved from not doing cardio can be used to do more weight training.  Another cool thing that will happen is you will feel and probably be stronger.  Then when you go back to going cardio crazy, your body will be less adapted and you’ll burn more calories.