It’s an easy thrill, a quick win or fail

They say set goals. Write them down and set deadlines.

I’m not against that, but I want to take a detour from that typical approach. All the stuff that happens as you pursue your goals – that’s what I want to talk about.

If the goal is to do “X” pull ups, there’s a bunch of stuff that needs to be done before X pull ups can be accomplished.

Just like with a 300, 400 or 500+ pound deadlift goal – certain weaknesses need to built up and possibly other skills need to be refined.

The entire process or journey of getting to “X” is what I want to write about.

All the in-between stuff you must do is what life is. It’s the process of challenge, difficulty and then failure.

Then maybe success and then failure again.

In many ways, the process feels like gambling where you bet on red on the roulette table. The dealer releases the ball and, with excitement and apprehension, you watch the ball bounce around the wheel.

Does it land on red?

It’s an easy thrill, a quick win or fail.

The ball bouncing from red to black and back to red again; around and around on that roulette wheel until finally landing on double zero. That’s irony for you.

There are only 2 possibilities, red or black…

Well, once in a while it does land on green, but that’s only a 5.2% chance or 2.6% chance depending on what style you play.

Unlike the roulette wheel, we actually have control of where that ball ends up. I think the problem is that I will sometimes let the current of life move me around more than I should.

Because in fact, I do have control where the ball goes. When the current of life is taking me where it’s taking me, I can rarely force myself sharply in any direction – BUT, I nudge my course.

Each hour of everyday, and each day of each week, I can nudge myself closer and closer to a more favorable position.

On each of these days, I can grind away, suffering more than I should to get there faster.

Or maybe I can just enjoy what I can enjoy. Relish every obstacle, enjoy every detour and make the most of it. Getting derailed with a slice of cake shouldn’t make you feel too terrible about yourself – after all, you did eat the slice of cake, might as well enjoy it.