Frogs into Princes : NLP Book by Richard Bandler & John Grinder

In an effort to retain the information I’m reading, I’ll do short blog posts on stuff that I’ve highlighted. The book I’m interested in and force to read because there is no audio book is the original transcribed seminar (Frogs into Princes book) by Bandler and Grinder. I’m 30 pages in and it’s fascinating to hear stuff I remember studying years ago.

“The word ‘resistance’ is also a nominalization.  It’s describing a process as a thing without talking about how it works.” 

Pg.14 , Paragraph 3

This stood out to me as something to remember, though I don’t know why I highlighted it.  It seemed important at the time.

“.. there’s always going to be a difference in meaning.  There’s slippage between the word and the experience … “

Pg. 16, Very bottom of the page

This is one of my biggest challenges in my own verbal communication with people.  There’s always a difference in meaning with words and how things are said. I use to often take things too literally.  I dissect words into their specific meaning when the problem I use to have was how things where said.  It sounds obvious and simple enough, but I’ve had terrible social skills in grade school and when I started working a manager, it’s was obvious to my peers my ‘weirdness.’

What makes me so interested in NLP is the methodology of communicating better.  It can sometimes be considered as hocus-pocus, but for someone with poor social skills, sometimes you need a little magic.  I literally needed magic as a kid to communicate with others.  Ironically and coincidentally, I was a magician in high school and I played the card game magic the gathering.

I’m not sure if it gets any Nerdy than that.

Also this picture is quite notable, and as I understand it better, I will write about it more.

Visual accessing cues for a normally organized right handed person

Frogs into Princes Pg. 25

It’s a guide of how our eyes move based on how we access information.  I figure if I can manage to understand this in people, I’ll be able to explain myself better.

I just got this book a few days ago and have been trying to remember to pay attention to people’s eye movements, and I”m noticing that it’s really difficult for me to look people in the eye.  It’s uncomfortable.  I think this is one of the reasons why great communicators communicate well.  They make eye contact and can read people well.

In truth, I think we all have this innate ability, but when you’re able to look someone in the eye confidently, you notice more things allowing you to express yourself better.