Focus, Focus, Focus: The Universe Conspires Against you or For you

Life moves so fast. It’s filled with so many responsibilities that it’s difficult to get anything of significance done. This is why we admire and revere masters at their craft. They do something that so few of us are able to do.

They focus on one thing.

If getting a six pack were easy, everyone would have one.

If deadlifting 700lbs were easy, so few people would have back pain.

If eating healthy were easy to do, it would be easy to find and buy.

Because we vote with our dollars and capitalism has made caramel frappuccinos and macchiatos easy to acquire at every street corner. You can even get one at Target after your daily shopping

Carmel Macchiato Macros:
240 calories
34g carbohydrates
7g Fat
10g Protein

Carmel Frap Macros:
410 calories
66g carbohydrates
15g Fat
4g Protein

It’s not your fault.

The world conspires to make it so you don’t exercise and eat terrible most of your life.

So maybe The Alchemist was wrong.


the quote goes

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

So it turns out the reason why you will eat bad is because you want to eat bad. It turns out when you don’t exercise is because you don’t want to exercise. It’s not completely true, it’s partially true.

We have so many options in front of us that it’s never just one choices, it’s dozens of choices. In the moment, you want the taste of that caramel macchiato (or other bad food choice) more than you want to achieve your goals.

If you want something bad enough, everything moves in your favor to achieve it. Things get in your way, but you don’t really complain about it, you go around it. You think about all the ways to get around the obstacle.

If you care enough about your goal, the obstacle is nothing more than a speed bump. Sometimes the speed bump is a wall, so you might have to climb it or simply run right through it.