Fire up your fat loss

Hey what’s up, how’s it going?

Today I wanted to write to you about why many people fail at losing weight.

You’re not the only one that has trouble. I have trouble, my clients have trouble and my family has trouble. Weight loss seems like a whole lot of trouble.

Fat loss failure is the story of my life and it’s story of anyone trying to transform their body (and keep it).

Was there ever a moment in time where you were super motivated to lose weight? You made some progressed, but then later regained it?

That’s a typical story too. You’re not alone.


It’s not your fault.

There’s reasons why, but I won’t get into it in this email.

I want you to fire up your fat loss. This will only happen if you strip all the negative junk and get outside of your head.

I know this is easier said than done – because you really can’t take negative junk out. Here’s why…

The negative self defeating thoughts that cause lack of will power will come back, because they always come back.

It has to be replaced by a new thoughts, new attitudes and a new philosophy. Here’s one thing you can do:

Get a piece of paper (typing doesn’t count) and write down a fitness fat loss behavior that you can commit to for the next 3 days. To lead by example, I’ve written mine down and posted on my blog.

It’s on a napkin because I didn’t have any paper around.

good luck!