Business Books that have changed my life.. off the top of my head

This short post was inspired by a facebook status in a group called: Hustle & Heart – A Mastermind for Entrepreneur Dads that I’m in.
1.) Linchpin – got me to take action, ship my art
I read this back in 2013 when I did a fat loss contest called Fat Loss with friends. This book was the reason that lead me to run that contest at my gym.  In a nut shell, Seth Godin’s Linchpin pushed me to ship my product and put myself out there.
2.) Slight edge – small actions everyday accumulate to success
slight edge
The slight edge is a more recent book recommended by John Lee Dumas of Entreprenur on Fire.  Wow, what a simple concept in a short book.  The audiobook is free on youtube, but I still ended up buying the book.  If you’re a Jim Rohn fan, you’ll definitely love this book.
3.) CRUSH IT – Hustle, hustle, hustle
crush it
The best audiobooks are read by the author and because Gary Vaynerchuck reads in a very passionate way, it feels like he’s talking to you.
4.) Ready Fire Aim – the Best business book I’ve ever read
This book is the best business book I’ve ever read. Micheal Masterson breaks things down from a systems perspective. It makes you understand marketing funnels and how businesses are run.  I want to write a whole post on this book.