Unlock Your Hip Flexors and Eliminate Lower Back tightness with This Stretch

Do this to stretch your tight hip flexors (from sitting all day) and relieve your lower back from working so dang hard.  Remember, tight hip flexors pull on your pelvis causing your lower back to arch. Instead of watching the video you can look at the pictures further down the page.
(click the video below to play for a demo of the stretches)

Step 1:

Kneel down into a lunge position with your knee on the ground. Contract the glute of the side with the knee down



I’m shifting my weight on the top of the right knee off the knee cap.

Step 2:

Reach down with your hand to balance and shift more weight on to your front leg to put more weight on to the top of the thigh of the knee that’s on the ground.  (the side you’re stretching)

So you want to try your best to get the pressure off your knee cap and on to your quadriceps.

Step 3:

Emphasize more weight on to your front leg and hand that’s on the ground while contracting your glute of the extended leg forcefully to really feel that hip flexor stretch.


Bend the knee quickly so that your hamstring doesn’t cramp






Step 4:

This step is optional because it can be really uncomfortable on the knee.  Flex the back leg and grab it with your free hand.  In the picture above, its my right hand grabbing my shoe.

I’m grabbing my shoe because my hip flexors are pretty freaking tight and I need a moment for it to release before reaching for the top of my foot.

How long should you hold for?

If you sit a lot, I would recommend you do this for at least 2 minutes everyday for the rest of your life.

If you want a more comprehensive stretching program for Unlocking your hip flexors, be sure to check out my Rick Kasej’s Program.